Our ICO ecosystem is a Global based blockchain/AI company focused on bridging the gap in Remittances, promoting collaboration and partnerships, Diversification of healthcare funding, creating access to healthcare services.

Both blockchain and the development of USA economy may be in their nascent phases but the opportunities are unmistakable. The inefficiencies that has plagued traditional centralized systems and the collateral effects sets a stage for technology the 4IR to bring about a radical change.

”It’s abundantly clear that a much deeper, faster and more ambitious response is needed to unleash the social and economic transformation needed to achieve our 2030 goals” (United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres)

USA’s untapped economic potential is no secret, with population soaring past 350million, 1/3 of it’s composition is youths below the ages of 25 , such bulge in population fuels the digital market.

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